Logan Chiropractic

         Class of Aug. 2014


Class Officers

President: Tina Baird
Vice President: Anthony Aamodt
Secretary: Laura Cayce
Treasurer: Jessica Speidel
ECs: Sean Neary & Lauren Cantrell
Sports: Mike Henson

National Boards Information:

Final Deadlines:
Part III: Turn in completed application to the registrars office by January 14th.
Part IV:  Mail application (certified mail recommended) by January 14th.   Application will need to be notarized as well as signed by John Jaffry.   Spots fill up fast at the testing locations - the sooner the better.

Part III Examination Date - Sunday, March 23, 2014
Physiotherapy Examination Date - Friday, March 21, 2014
Part IV Examination Dates - May 16 - 18, 2014

National Board Specialists Reviews: (on campus)
Part III - Friday 2/28/14 and Saturday 3/01/14
PT - Monday 3/03/14
Part IV - Wednesday 4/30/14 through Monday 5/05/14

Feel free to contact Sean (sean.neary@logan.edu) or Anthony (anthony.aamodt@logan.edu) for information regarding the NBS review or the available package for Part 3, PT, and Part 4.  The National Board Specialists, Dr. Laura and Dr. James, may be contacted directly at nbs@nationalboardspecialists.com. 

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